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What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a strategy for us to slow down and really enjoy our food. In a world full of distractions it has become all too easy to eat an entire meal without actually experiencing the food. We eat while working, watching TV, on our phone… The speed at which you eat is also important. Rushed eating prevents us from experiencing all of the flavours and textures just the same as if you were distracted.

Mindful eating is a method to fully experience all of the tastes, smells, and textures of the food. 

Learn how to start mindful eating with one of our dietitians!

Here’s a taste (haha!) of what mindful eating involves:

Take a moment and remove yourself from any distractions and grab a snack.

A food with a variety of textures and flavours works best for this experience- We suggest a peppermint patty!

Now take a small bite of your food and chew it slowly. What do you notice about the food? 

What textures do you feel- is it smooth or rough? Crunchy or soft? What flavours do you taste- Is it sweet? spicy? Describe it to yourself. 

Repeat this step and continue to explore the food as if it is new to you.

Benefits of mindful eating:

  • You’ll feel more connected to your body
  • You’ll enjoy your food more
  • You’ll satisfy your mouth hunger with fewer bites (see our post on the types of hunger here!)
  • You’ll feel full sooner with less food because you’ll be paying more attention to your hunger signals
  • You may start to choose healthier foods as you pay more attention to how you feel while eating
  • Mindful eating has been shown to improve digestion

Book an appointment with our dietitian to master mindful eating and enjoy your food even more!

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