Starting Solids

Starting solids with a baby is an exciting, fun time but it can also be an overwhelming time for parents. If you are wanting more support book in with one of our paediatric dietitians. Food before one is just for fun … or is it? Food before one helps Developmental skills: It can take up… Continue reading Starting Solids

What to Do During a Baby Formula Shortage

Baby Formula substitutions during a shortage These are unprecedented times and shelves where infant formula used to be are empty. Many parents are struggling to find formula to feed their growing babies with some parents driving across the border to try to get their hands on some formula. This shortage is being felt in both… Continue reading What to Do During a Baby Formula Shortage

Starting Solids

 Starting solids can be an exciting but  can also be an anxiety provoking time! Check out our self-directed starting solids class ​ OR if you want individualized support book with one of our registered dietitians.  What age should you start solids? Solids should be started at 6 months of age. Ways to tell if your little one… Continue reading Starting Solids

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