About for the LOVE of FOOD

Starting a nutrition and culinary consulting company has always been a dream of mine! I want to share my love for food, cultures, and nutrition with the clients at For the LOVE of FOOD. Our aim at For the LOVE of FOOD is to provide an interactive, educational, and fun learning experience for our clients! We believe that through hands-on learning, healthy changes are easier to put into practice which develop into healthy habits.  Lifelong diets and food fads have tried to convince us that food is the enemy. Our goal is to restore those healthy relationships with food and help you to LOVE food again!

Our Team Specializes In

  • Gut health – IBS, IBD (Crohn’s and Colitis), Diverticular Disease, Reflux
  • Food allergies and intolerances –  including FPIES, FPIAP
  • Infant nutrition – Failure to Thrive, Colic, Allergies, Reflux, Constipation, Starting Solids, Food Allergies
  • Paediatrics – Picky Eating, Digestive Concerns, Constipation, Taste and Texture Challenges
  • Teens – Healthy Eating, Food Relationship, Body Image 
  • Adults – ​Food Relationship, Disordered Eating
    • Chronic Disease Management – 
      • Heart Disease 
      • High Cholesterol 
      • High blood pressure 
      • Fatty liver 
      • Diabetes
  • Meal Planning and Meal Preparation Strategies
  • Family Nutrition  
  • Sports Nutrition
Never seen a dietitian before and wondering what to expect? Check out our FAQ section, it will help answer some of your questions. 

About Our CEO, and President Karyn Sunohara

Hi, I’m Karyn Sunohara. I am a registered dietitian and chef. I am an auntie of 12 beautiful nieces and nephews. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful family, fur children, and spouse, I love writing recipes and testing out new meal creations. I have a passion for anything paediatrics including food allergies and intolerances both common and rare, and gut health challenges. I created For the LOVE of FOOD Nutrition Inc. to provide individuals and families with the best nutrition care.

Shortly after high school I enrolled in SAIT’s Professional Cooking Program. SAIT allowed me to build my confidence in my cooking skills and my passion for food, nutrition and cultures. While at SAIT I was very fortunate to work closely with my Chef instructors on special projects, banquets, and fundraisers. After graduating from SAIT I wanted to continue to learn and decided to enrol in the nutrition and dietetic program at Acadia University. While attending Acadia University for Nutrition and Dietetics I entered culinary competitions. I was fortunate to win 1st place in Atlantic Canada for Pulse Canada’s 2012 ImPULSEible recipe creation competition. I recently graduated from Acadia’s Nutrition and Dietetics program in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in May of 2013. In June 2014 I completed her dietetic internship at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Our team of dietitians support clients through all ages and stages of life, Canada-Wide. Our sessions are 100% virtual – video or phone call appointments.

“Karyn was an invaluable asset as we worked through numerous issues with my baby’s food allergies. I highly recommend her and wish I found her months earlier in our allergy journey.”
Jenna L.

“I have a rare immune disease that was in a severe flareup. None of my doctors or specialists could help me or give me answers. But Karyn had experience with people who have my condition, and recommended elimination diets and lifestyle changes that yielded a significant improvement in my condition very quickly! She also followed up frequently and was always available to answer my questions over email. She is a very caring person and an extremely professional nutritionist with a lot of experience.”
Aleks B.