Dietitians Day 2022

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Today, March 16, 2022 is Dietitians Day! On the third Wednesday of March, we recognize Registered Dietitians across Canada as regulated healthcare professionals who support healthy living for all Canadians. Not only are dietitians committed to providing nutrition support, they also offer expertise to their communities and are continuously researching and developing programs to better serve their clients. Nutrition is a science that can be complex to understand, and it is the job of a Registered Dietitian to translate their knowledge of food and nutrition to help others embrace a healthy lifestyle.
To celebrate Dietitians Day this year, we wanted to give a few of our team members an opportunity to tell us why they love what they do. It’s no secret that the last few years have been challenging for everyone, so we’re taking every chance we get to remind ourselves (and our communities) why what we do is so important!First, allow us to introduce our respondents.bon-7933.jpg

Karyn Sunohara is a Registered Dietitian, Chef and Owner of For the LOVE of FOOD. She is passionate about food and travel and aims to help her clients learn practical ways that they can approach nutrition. You can find more about Karyn and the specific areas she specializes in, here Meet the team .


Hannah Chapeskie is a dietetic intern and graduate of the Acadia University Nutrition and Dietetics program. She is passionate about health, wellness and nutrition, and looks froward to sharing her passion with others. To learn more about Hannah, check out her portfolio here under  Virtual Assistant Bios . 


Gillian Skippon is a graduate of Acadia University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about living an active lifestyle and has been greatly influenced by participating team sports. Growing up, she learned the importance of fuelling the body both for activity and for day to day living.  To learn more about Gillian, head to our Meet the team page.

Why did you become a dietitian?
Karyn: “I have always wanted to work in the medical field but I am surprisingly squeamish when it comes to blood, vomit, broken bones and bodily fluids. As a dietitian, I am able to combine my two loves, which are nutrition and food, into one amazing career!”
Gillian: “Throughout my childhood and high school years I was always active and 
involved in sports, however I was unsure what I wanted to choose as a career.  One year, I took a home economics course and became fascinated with nutrition and dietetics which led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in that field. Once I began taking classes such as community nutrition, I developed an interest in advocating for people who face food insecurity. I wanted to become a dietitian to be able to use my skills and knowledge to help those who may not have the adequate resources to handle this part of their health on their own.”
Hannah: “I grew up as a competitive dancer which is where my passion for health and food stems from. I have always enjoyed science and I love to learn new things! I found my happy medium in dietetics as I am constantly learning and get to use my knowledge to empower others to make food choices that support them mentally, physically and emotionally.” 

What do you love about being a dietitian? 
Hannah: “As a dietetic intern, I’m still finding my place in the word of dietetics. However, I love the fact that there are so many directions I can take my career. My favourite part of this job is getting to help others and connect with them through food.” 
Karyn: “It’s important to me bring the love of food back into my patient’s homes. Often, the first time I meet with new patients they will label food as either good or bad. I don’t believe that any food is bad, unless its mouldy or makes you sick. I take an all foods fit approach; meaning that any food can be included in a healthy lifestyle. I love seeing patients rediscover their love of food.” 
Gillian: ” As a future dietitian, I am excited to work in a team environment where I can collaborate and be involved in a multidisciplinary approach to patient/health care. I look forward to have the opportunity to provide others with the proper information and resources to make lasting impressions on their day to day lives.”

Don’t forget to thank a dietitian today! If you are a dietitian, we see you, we appreciate you and we’re cheering you on!

​Our team at For the LOVE of FOOD specialize in a number of areas, ranging from paediatric care to picky eaters, to managing allergies as well as combatting eating disorders. Our dietitians are located all across Canada and would love to connect with you! Our services are offered 100% virtually, so you can receive support from wherever you are. Click here for Individual Appointments or to ask whatever questions you may have about getting started with a dietitian.

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