Milk and Milk Alternatives under two years of age

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Milk and Milk Alternatives have become quite the hot topic over the past few years. The purpose of this blog post is to explain the difference between each type of milk and educate you on why full fat milk is recommended for little ones under the age of 2 once transitioned from breastmilk or formula. 

Cow’s Milk
0% milk fat 
1% milk fat 
2% milk fat 
3.25% milk fat  
Lactose free milk – 

Ultra-Filtered Milk (lactose free)
Fairlife – 1%, 2%, 3.25% and chocolate milk 
Joyya milk – Canadian based ultra filtered milk products higher protein, lower sugar 

Goat Milk

Picture of milk alternatives

Vegetarian Milk Sources 

Soy Milk 

Almond Milk 
Made from water and almonds typically soaked overnight and then pulsed and strained 

Coconut Milk 
Coconut milk is made by grating the white inner flesh of the coconut (meat or the kernel) and mixing it with the shredded coconut pulp with a small amount of hot water and blending it followed by straining out any pieces so it is smooth. 

Oat Milk 

Hemp Milk ​

Milk and Milk Alternatives Nutritional Content Chart

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