Lentiliscious Mac & Cheese

Lentils the hidden healthy superstar! Do your kids love Mac & Cheese? This is a healthier alternative to Mac & Cheese that is loaded with fibre, protein, folate, iron, & calcium! This is a meal your kids & family will love and you will feel good about giving them!   Ingredients: 2 ½ cups of… Continue reading Lentiliscious Mac & Cheese

Luscious Lentil Chocolate Mousse Magic!

Decadence meets a nutritional powerhouse! Who wouldn’t love a guilt free decadent dessert? This recipe puts a healthy twist on a classical French Favourite! It’s a healthier alternative to a pudding or custard that people of all ages will enjoy! This sweet treat is also packed with the healthy goodness of fibre and protein from lentils, plus antioxidants from the… Continue reading Luscious Lentil Chocolate Mousse Magic!

Lentil Recipes

Gingerbread Pulse Pancakes Lentils the powerful pulse! This recipe is full of aroma and spices! It can be topped with whipped cream, your favourite fruit, or just lightly dusted with icing sugar its up to you! Ingredients: 1  1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour/GF all purpose flour 1 tsp Ground ginger 1 tsp Ground cinnamon  ½ tsp Cloves 4 tbsp Granulated… Continue reading Lentil Recipes

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