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Nutrition Services

We see all clients through all ages and stages of life.
Our Team specializes in:

  • Gut health – IBS, IBD (crohn’s and colitis), diverticular disease, reflux
  • Food allergies and intolerances –  including FPIES, FPIAP, IgE, Oral Allergy Syndrome
  • Adults – ​food relationship, disordered eating
    • Chronic Disease Management   
      • Heart Disease 
      • High Cholesterol 
      • High blood pressure 
      • Fatty liver 
      • Diabetes
  • Infant & Paediatric nutrition – failure to thrive, colic, allergies, reflux, constipation, starting solids, food allergiespicky eating, digestive concerns, constipations, taste and texture challenges
  • Teens – healthy eating, food relationship, body image 
  • Meal planning and meal preparation strategies
  • Family nutrition – pre-natal, fertility 
  • Sports nutrition
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Individual appointments to support you with:
Virtual classes for individuals and groups:
Services for Registered Dietitians and other professionals:

Success Stories

Such a joy to work with! Helped me gain weight when my morning sickness was all day and night sickness and gave me a ton of tips for BLW.”

Knowledgeable about foods, nutritional needs, and medical conditions and has been a huge emotional support in helping us navigate everything!”