Our team can provide support with recovery from Long COVID

Long Covid

Long COVID-19 can be an extremely frustrating and confusing problem to navigate. Long Haulers can feel as though they have little control and support with their symptoms.

Most Common Symptoms

  • Severe fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Brain fog
  • Pain
  • Taste, smell and texture changes

It is important to note these symptoms can change and worsen at the drop of a hat. Even mild physical activity, or light physical exertion can make your symptoms worse. Your dietitian will help you to understand your symptoms, and regain control.

Our team uses virtual consultations and provide easy to follow guidelines to help you recover while minimizing exacerbation of symptoms, commonly referred to as “crashes”. 

Dealing with long COVID symptoms can be incredibly overwhelming our therapist on our team is here to help support you with this.

Long COVID research continues to evolve and as a team we continue to work with other medical professionals and researchers to provide the most up to date research and information for our clients.

We strongly encourage our patients have a medical and rehabilitation team to help manage your condition. This may include physiotherapist, family physician, dietitian, and therapist.